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Covid-19 - IHEEM, IFHE, IFHE-EU international support
IHEEM are actively supporting members and companies in UK in the fight against Covid-19. Chief Executive Officer of IHEEM and IFHE-EU-president, Peters Sellars are now seeking IFHE's support to establish an International Covid-19 information portal.

Dear colleagues

COVID 19 is a worldwide problem, a war against an invisible and dangerous enemy.
On behalf of our IFHE-EU president  Pete Sellars  ( CEO IHEEM) , please find his note about IHEEM, IFHE-EU and IFHE international support to collect your experiences and solutions  and send this to following emailaddress ( IHEEM):  Internationalcovid19@iheem.org.uk

You will find all results in the two weekly newsletter Covid 19 produced by Andy Wavell ( IHEEM / IFHE joint general secretary).
 Please forward this information to all your members via your secretariats asking for a fast  follow up and response/giving information  to this IHEEM email address.
Please keep in mind: We all can learn from each other, now at this moment  but also in the future.
So: Help each other.

Thank you very much for your support , information and understanding.

Keep it safe and healthy

Best regards
Paul Merlevede
General secretay IFHE-EU


(Photo by Louis Reed on Unsplash)

Read the letter from IFHE-EU-president Peter Sellars to IFHE-president Darryl Pitcher